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Connect Wallet

Fund Your Crypto Wallet

Wallet Setup Quick Guide

Install Wallet:
Download and install the Metamask extension on your desktop browser. Or grab the Metamask or Trust Wallet mobile app for your smartphone.
Metamask Extention for your browser

Create Wallet:
Set up your wallet following the on-screen prompts.
Create a MetaMask Wallet to Use With GetFit Mining (Video Tutorial)

Ready to Explore:
Your wallet is your gateway to the decentralized world. Congratulations! Your wallet is ready for action. Watch the video tutorial for additional guidance. Now, let's get you started with GetFit Mining.

Calculate Your GetFit Mining Adventure Funds

Before you embark on your GetFit Mining journey, use the calculator below to determine the amount of BNB you will need to mint and craft your miner(s), evolve your miners to higher power miners, the number of Mining Dock slots you will unlock and the funding of your GetFit Mining internal wallet to cover mining fees to submit your activity and claim your rewards. This will help you purchase the right amount of BNB to power your NFT creation. Simply input your preferences and get the USD equivalent, ensuring a smooth and well-funded experience. Happy minting and mining.🚀💰
Funding Your MetaMask Wallet With BNB Bep20 (Video Tutorial)

1. Primary Miner - choose the number of Primary NFT Miners you will mint and craft.
2. ⁠Evolve & Merge - choose the number of miners you will evolve to the Omega Miner.
3. ⁠Mining Dock - Unlock the number of Mining Dock Slots you will need for the miners you will be mining with.
4. ⁠Mining Fees - Select the number of days you want to fund your GetFit Mining internal wallet to cover the mining fees on the smartchain when you submit and claim.
5. ⁠Estimated Funds - This is the amount of BNB BEP20 you will need in your Dapp wallet to perform the above actions.
Primary Miner
Evolve & Merge
1 Primaryarrow_downward1 Ultra
1 Ultraarrow_downward1 Alpha
2 Alphaarrow_downward1 Omega
Mining Dock Slots
Mining Fees
Estimated Funds

Your GetFit Journey Begins

Connect your wallet

Click the "Connect Wallet" button to join our digital realm. Whether it's MetaMask or your preferred DApp browser, just follow the prompts. Let's make this connection, and you'll be all set to dive into the world of possibilities!

Set Sponsors Referral Wallet Address or Username

Enter your username or wallet address of your sponsor below. This ensures you're connected to the right network. Ready to roll?


Mint & Evolve

Tokenize Your Miner

Now that you have purchased your BNB, it’s time to convert your BNB into GFAM for the NFT Minting and BUSD for the evolutions. The calculator below shows the precise number of GFAM and BUSD tokens needed to bring your vision to life. Adjust your selections as necessary, ensuring you have the right amount of tokens for minting and evolving. Once satisfied, hit the "Mint" button to tokenize your creation. When ready to elevate your NFT to the next level, use the "Evolve/Merge" button. Your NFT journey is just a tap away!

*** Return to this page after minting and evolving to go to the next step.



Evolutions & Merge

1 Primaryarrow_downward1 Ultra
1 Ultraarrow_downward1 Alpha
2 Alphaarrow_downward1 Omega

Needed Funds

gfam usdt pancake

Approve to Stake Miner in the Mining Dock

Ready to set sail on the mining voyage? Click "Approve" below to grant the NFT Mining Dock permission to stake your NFTs. Your future token treasures await!

Unlock Additional Mining Slots

Open Slots
The mining dock is where you plug in your NFT miners to begin mining from your physical activity. You can expand your mining capacity by clicking on the slots below and unlocking one for each NFT miner you own. This is a one-time, lifetime fee. The first slot is on the house. Your Mining Future Awaits!

Top Up Your Internal Wallet (Mobile App)

GetFit Mining provides you with an internal wallet for in-app transactions to the blockchain, like submitting your PoPA (Proof of Physical Activity) claiming your mining rewards, and unlocking more mining dock slots.
Copy your internal wallet address below and paste it into your Dapp wallet to send BNB to your internal wallet in the app. Your GetFit Mining Adventure Awaits!

Go Mobile!

Take your journey on the go. Download our app for Android or iOS. Be sure to activate Google Fit for Android, and Apple Health for iOS.

1. Open the GetFit Mining app, and click sign in for Android. Be sure to use the same email you used to activate Google Fit.

2. Authorize permissions for Google Fit and Apple Health to share your activity data. We do not store, share, or sell this data

3. Link your wallet address by copying and pasting the wallet address that your NFT Miners were minted from inside the app.

4. Go to your dashboard inside the app and select each NFT Miner you want to add to the mining dock.

android appios app

Congratulations! You're Onboarded!

A huge thanks for successfully completing the onboarding journey! 🎉 Now, the cosmos is yours to explore. Dive into the app and the Web3 website dashboard for a galaxy of exciting and useful features. Your adventure has just begun!

Beyond NFT Mining

Stake GFAM

Explore our web3 site and learn more about our affiliate program where you can earn 55% commissions for sharing GetFit and our staking rewards where you can stake GFAM tokens and receive up to 25% of their value in BUSD. Dive into the full spectrum of possibilities with GetFit Mining and Maximize your rewards!